Deceased Seamen

Civil Registration of deaths began in Ireland in 1864.  Unlike marriages, which were registered by the officiating priest or parish clerk, and births which could and were registered by anyone present at the event, deaths were often not registered.  It has been estimated that between 1864 and 1900 some 15% of births went unregistered.  The figure

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A Note on Burial Registers

Roman Catholic Burial Registers are relatively uncommon in Ireland prior to the 1830s and those that do exist seldom offer more detail than the name of the deceased.  However, Burial Registers for Church of Ireland Parishes, where those records survived the fire at the Public Records in 1922, can be quite informative.  Standardised forms were introduced

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The Ordnance Survey Name Books

The Ordnance Survey of Ireland, conducted between 1824 and 1846, is the only survey of Ireland to have ever been conclusively finished.  Under the direction of Thomas Larcom, the Master-General of the Ordnance Survey and the Board of Ordnance, a complete Map of Ireland at the scale of six-inches to one-mile was published. One of the most important

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