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New Civil Records available at

The annual update to the available Irish births, marriages and deaths at occurred on Tuesday 13th February 2024.Images and indexed entries for Irish births for 1923, marriages for 1948 and deaths for 1973 have now been added to the online collection. Images of the registrations are currently available for the following periods:Births:

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The Irish website, has extended the civil registration records available on their free website.Non-Catholic marriages in Ireland were registered from April 1845, while these are largely Church of Ireland and Presbyterian marriages, marriages in registry offices and mixed marriages that took place outside of the Roman Catholic church

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New Birth Death and Marriage records at

The birth, death and marriage registers and indexes available at have been extended to include the following date ranges:Births 1864-1918Marriages 1864-1843Deaths 1878-1968   Previously, it was only possible to search the birth index up to 1916, the marriage index up to 1941 and the death index up to 1966, two additional years

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Preacher’s Books

Preacher’s books form part of the collection of Church of Ireland parish records lodged in the Representative Church Body Library in Churchtown, Dublin.   A preacher’s book can be quite a dry and sparse document, but nevertheless sometimes informative. It is a record of the date of and time of the church service, the name of the reader and preacher

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Betham’s Will Abstracts

A collection of the Genealogical Office volumes of Betham’s Will Abstracts have been published online by the National Library of Ireland. Betham’s Will Abstracts are abstracts of wills proved in the Prerogative Court, records which were largely destroyed in 1922. Prerogative Court Before the establishment of the Probate Court in 1857, the Church

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More Births, Marriages and Deaths Online

The Irish Government website has expanded the images of birth, marriage and death registrations being made available online. Researchers can now search the index of marriages (1864-1941) and view the original marriage registration entries from 1870 to 1941.  The index of deaths (1864-1966) now links to images of death registrations

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Old Irish Family Letters

Detective work can sometimes be one of the most appealing aspects of Irish genealogy. If you are lucky enough to find old family letters sent from Ireland to emigrant siblings, children, cousins or neighbours, it might be time to put your detective hat on. Old family letters can contain all sorts of clues that could identify your family origins in Ireland.

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Irish Civil Registration Records Online

A selection of Irish Birth, Marriage and Death registrations have been made freely available online at the Irish Government website Previously, this website was home to one of the online indexes for Irish civil registration, where it was possible to search for the reference information for a birth, marriage or death registration.

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Irish Citizenship by Descent

A person with a grandparent who was born in Ireland can apply for Irish citizenship by descent by applying to have their birth registered in the Register of Foreign Births at their nearest Irish diplomatic or consular mission. Once your birth has been registered in the Register of Foreign births you will be provided with a certificate of confirmation.

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The 1916 Children: Death of O’Toole

The team at Timeline carried out some of the research for the Joe Duffy documentary, Children of the Revolution, which aired on RTE on Easter Sunday 2016.  The documentary looks at the circumstances in which children were killed during the 1916 Rising. One child who died during the Rising was a young man named O’Toole (no first name given). On

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