New Civil Records available at

New Civil Records available at

The annual update to the available Irish births, marriages and deaths at occurred on Tuesday 13th February 2024.

Images and indexed entries for Irish births for 1923, marriages for 1948 and deaths for 1973 have now been added to the online collection

Images of the registrations are currently available for the following periods:

1864-1921 (all registered births)
1922-1923 (Republic of Ireland only)

1845-1863 (non Catholic marriages only)
1864-1921 (all registered marriages)
1922-1948 (Republic of Ireland only)

1864-1870 (index references only, no images)
1871-1921 (all registered deaths)
1922-1973 (Republic of Ireland only)

Do bear in mind that all updates post 1921 only include Irish births, marriages and deaths for the Republic of Ireland.  Births, marriages and deaths that took place in Northern Ireland from 1922 are only available on the website of the General Register Office of Northern Ireland (GRONI) and on the research terminals in the PRONI reading room in Belfast.

To find out more about using the records of civil registration to locate Irish births, marriages and deaths, visit our guide to online records and civil registration blog.

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