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Current Access to Irish Libraries and Archives

Between June and September 2020 a number of Irish archives, libraries and repositories were reopened to the public, but with limited access.  ** However, since the middle of September, these repositories have been closed again and no date has been set for them to reopen. The following is a list of the major repositories for Irish genealogical research

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Preacher’s Books

Preacher’s books form part of the collection of Church of Ireland parish records lodged in the Representative Church Body Library in Churchtown, Dublin.   A preacher’s book can be quite a dry and sparse document, but nevertheless sometimes informative. It is a record of the date of and time of the church service, the name of the reader and preacher

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A Note on Burial Registers

Roman Catholic Burial Registers are relatively uncommon in Ireland prior to the 1830s and those that do exist seldom offer more detail than the name of the deceased.  However, Burial Registers for Church of Ireland Parishes, where those records survived the fire at the Public Records in 1922, can be quite informative.  Standardised forms were introduced

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