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Quaker Records

Birth, marriage and death records for the Society of Friends or Quakers are amongst the most accessible and systematic for any religious denomination in Ireland. The Quakers arrived in Ireland in the seventeenth century and from their date of arrival clear and concise records were kept for the life events of members of the Society.  Although the Quakers

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Betham’s Sketch Pedigrees

In a previous blog, the work of Sir William Betham and his collection of Genealogical Abstracts held at the National Archives was discussed.  In conjunction with the Genealogical Abstracts, Betham compiled an extensive collection of sketch pedigrees.  In large part these pedigrees were sketched from the material extracted from the Betham’s abstracts

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Betham’s Genealogical Abstracts

Sir William Betham (1779-1853) was appointed deputy Ulster King of Arms in 1807 and Ulster King of Arms in 1820.  Betham spent a lifetime collating indexes and abstracts of the manuscripts held in the Record Tower of Dublin Castle.  Although Betham was a polymath, it is his work in the Records Tower for which Irish genealogists and family historians

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