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Current Access to Irish Libraries and Archives

Between June and September 2020 a number of Irish archives, libraries and repositories were reopened to the public, but with limited access.  ** However, since the middle of September, these repositories have been closed again and no date has been set for them to reopen. The following is a list of the major repositories for Irish genealogical research

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Irish Birth Marriage and Death Indexes

The Irish birth marriage and death indexes, which were released with great fanfare on the government website www.irishgenealogy.ie last year and quickly withdrawn for security reasons, have been released again.  However, this time the public can only view the index entries for births over 100 years, marriages over 75 years and deaths over 50 years.

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General Register Office Ireland – GRO

The GRO or the General Register Office hold records of all births, deaths and marriages registered in Ireland.  Civil registration in Ireland commenced in 1864, when it became compulsory to register these events.  It should be noted that non-Catholic marriages were being registered from 1845. Civil registration in Ireland commenced quite late, when

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