Family History Research Voucher – Various Prices

Ideal for someone who wants to learn more about their family history but isn’t able to undertake the research themselves OR someone who needs an expert to continue researching earlier generations of their family. We will do the research for you.

Get the experts to do the research for you. Redeem this voucher for research of your Irish family history.

The research will be agreed with the client in advance and the results will be presented in a detailed report with copies of all relevant documents found during the course of the search.

Every family is unique, as is their history. Each family history research project that we undertake presents different challenges and results, which can make it difficult to determine how much time will be required for each project. However, we have developed a guideline to illustrate what you will get for each value of the vouchers available.

Researching a single line of one of your ancestors would require a voucher for €300. This means that we can research your grandfather’s paternal line back to the early 19th century for €300, identifying his father, grandfather, great grandfather and possibly even his great great grandfather.

Research of the paternal and maternal lines of your grandmother would require a voucher for €600.

If you would like us to research the paternal and maternal lines of both grandparents, the cost would be €1200.

We discuss with the voucher holder exactly how they would like to use the voucher and tailor our research to meet their objectives. We love what we do and we never leave a stone unturned in our research which means that our clients often get a lot more than we initially promise. However, we cannot always anticipate the problems that we might encounter during our research, so we cannot guarantee that we will always be successful. If we find it impossible to proceed with part of the research we will consult the voucher holder to see if they would like to use the research time on other branches of their family tree.

Our completed research is presented in a detailed report, illustrating our findings as well as copies of documents such as birth certificates, marriage registrations and land records. This will become a document that can be handed down for generations.

Please Note we are an Irish based genealogy company and our research and recommendations pertain only to Irish family history. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Pay?
For instant payment please complete the online payment form, you can pay directly with your credit card or with your PayPal account.
Do I Need A Credit Card Or PayPal Account?
No, you do not need a credit card or PayPal account. If you would prefer to pay by cheque or bank draft, please make it payable to Timeline Research Ltd., and send it to the following address:

Timeline Research Ltd.,
146 Tritonville Road,
Dublin 4,

Please include your name and address and the name and address of the recipient.
After payment has been made, you will receive a confirmation email from us within 1 business day.

You can request the voucher in digital format, which is a pdf sent by email or in hard copy, which will be sent by post. The email version will be sent on receipt of your order, the hard copy will be despatched within 3 working days of receipt of your order. The digital format is suitable for printing and presentation.

What Do I Receive?
You will receive a genealogy gift voucher that entitles the bearer to commission research of their Irish family history with Timeline’s team of professional genealogists. You will also receive an assessment form. This is for the recipient to fill in with their family information and is the first step in the commissioning process.
What Does The Genealogy Gift Voucher Consist Of?
You will receive a letter addressed to the recipient describing the service that you have purchased. Please let us know if you want to recipient to know the value of the voucher.

You will also receive an assessment form for the recipient to fill in with their family information. Once the assessment form has been returned to us, we will begin the process of researching their family history.
Will I be Charged For Postage?
No, all postage charges are included in the price.
How Long Is The Voucher Valid For?
The genealogy gift voucher will be valid for one calendar year from date of purchase.
How Long Will It Take To Receive My Voucher?
The genealogy gift voucher can be purchased immediately. We then post it within 3 working days or email it in a matter of hours.
When we receive the bearers completed assessment form, we will respond with our report within 30 working days.
What Will The Report Contain?
There are two steps to commissioned research. Once we receive the assessment form, we will inform the voucher holder exactly what research we think can be undertaken to the value of their voucher. It is important to us to make sure that we are meeting the needs of the voucher holder and directing our research to areas that they are most interested in. Once the voucher holder has agreed to our research proposal, we start the research.

When the research is complete, we will send out a detailed report of our findings as well as copies of all relevant documents, such as birth certificates, census returns, land records and church registers.
How Many Family Lines Will You Research?
We undertake research at the instruction of the voucher holder and we will look at as many family lines as they wish. We will advise them what can be achieved based on the value of their voucher. We will agree a research strategy that maximises the time available for research to deliver the most results.

We generally advise clients that a voucher for €250 will cover one branch of a family tree back to the early 19th century. The voucher is available in increments of €250, so the purchaser can decide how many branches they would like to have covered by the voucher.
How the Genealogy Gift Voucher works:

On receipt of payment, we will send you a genealogy gift voucher and an assessment form, addressed to the recipient of the gift, nominated by you.
The recipient of the gift can fill in the assessment form with their family information and return it to us.
On receipt of the assessment form, we will review their family information and start tracing earlier generations of their family, as far back as the commissioned hours will allow. The results of our research will be presented in a detailed report that explains the results of our research and includes copies of all original documents (where it is possible for us to make copies).

Terms & Conditions

Genealogy Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

Our research report will be produced within 30 working days on receipt of assessment

The Timeline genealogy gift voucher is only valid for Irish genealogy.


Genealogy Gift Vouchers are issued either by post or by email, to the address specified at the time of
purchase and can be sent to either the purchaser or to the gift recipient, subject to the
purchasers preference.

Refunds and Transfers

The genealogy gift voucher is non transferable and non refundable.

Stolen or lost vouchers

Don’t worry, we will keep an electronic record of your purchase, so if you loose your
genealogy gift voucher, please contact us.

Privacy Policy

All information we receive is held in accordance with our privacy policy which can be read here.

If you have any questions, please Contact Us

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