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We will be covering a wide range of topics relating to Irish Genealogy over the coming months.


The podcast is hosted by Cathal Brennan and Timeline Managing Director Nicola Morris.

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Irish Genealogy Podcast: Episode 01

First World War Ancestors

Cathal Brennan  talks to Nicola Morris about how to trace your Irish First World War Ancestors.  She highlights the difficulties that researchers face with First World War service records, how to work around the gaps in this collection and points to other useful sources that identify the Irish that served in the British Army during this period.

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Irish Genealogy Podcast: Episode 02

Dublin City Ancestors Part 1

In part one of this two part guide, Cathal Brennan talks to Nicola Morris about searching for your ancestors in Dublin City.  Nicola identifies the most useful genealogical sources, where to find them and what problems you may encounter during the course of your research.

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Irish Genealogy Podcast: Episode 03

Dublin City Ancestors Part 2

In the second part of this guide, Cathal Brennan and Nicola Morris continue their discussion on the records that are available for tracing your family in Dublin City. Using case studies and years of experience, Nicola suggests tricks and tips that you can use to find your elusive ancestors.

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Irish Genealogy Podcast: Episode 04

Your Genealogy Questions Answered

In this month’s podcast we answer listeners’ questions about interfaith marriages and the movement of people around Ireland during the 19th century.

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