Roman Catholic Parish Register Verification

Roman Catholic Parish Register Verification

Most of the surviving Roman Catholic parish registers for Ireland have been indexed and are available online at and  However the majority of these online records are only available as a transcription and you cannot see the original entry.  It is always sensible to try and view an original record to verify the accuracy of the transcription.  In some cases you may find notes written in the margin of the parish register, or the spelling of a mother’s maiden name, an address or the names of witnesses and sponsors, which have been omitted from the online transcribed version.

If you have identified a transcribed baptismal, marriage or burial record in a Roman Catholic Parish Register and you wish to order a digital image of the original parish register entry, please fill in the form below.

Each Parish Search Costs €25

You will receive a digital image of the original parish register entry.

Please make sure that the information that you submit for verification is a true and accurate copy of the transcribed record.  On receipt of your order and payment we will consult a microfilm copy of the parish register in which the event is recorded.  Once located, a copy of the register will be made and emailed to you.  We can only access Roman Catholic parish registers prior to 1880.  We cannot verify a parish register entry after 1880.

In a small number of cases the entry that you are searching for may not be found in the original register, indicating a possible error in the date on the transcribed record.  If the entry cannot be found you will receive a 50% refund or you can commission us to undertake an extended manual search of the parish register to locate the relevant record for an additional €25.

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Last update : 09/10/19

Terms and Conditions

Copies of items will only be obtained according to the copyright permissions of the holding repository. Copies of items are provided on the understanding that no copy will be reproduced without the permission of the holding repository and copies are supplied for the purpose research and private study only and not for publication in any form. By using Timeline’s Genealogy Clerk Service you are agreeing to the terms and conditions stated above.